To View our Cams Via Smart Phone see directions below....

Viewing times: 10:00-11:00am & 2:30-3:30pm

WEBCAMS are not on during Evaluations!

Our webcams are in real time so you can watch your dog play.

  Webcams can only be viewed in internet explorer

It will ask you to download some softwear...allow this!

CLick here to View Little Dogs 

Click Here to View Big Dogs

Our Webcams are currently down for repair.

To view the webcams on your smart phone..
1. download the Ip Camara Viewer app.
2. go to add camara
3. Select Camara Type: IP Camara,DVR,NVR
4. Make of Camara: Linksys
5. Modle of Camara: Linksys WVC Series
6. Host IP Address:
Little Dog room port number: 1025
Big Dog Room Port Number :1024
Cams will only be on during viewing times, if you still have problems ask Leigha or Lee when you come in with your phone.