Here is where our customers can login to our new system.. Here you can update your info..your dogs info and keep track of your pass!

If you are a new customer and have not had a trial day...You Must CALL us to schedule a trial day! Please do not schedule online!!!!

Remember if you have 2 days left on your pass..renew and earn a free day!

This is the link to the log in page.

If you have mulitiple dogs when you look to see how many days you have left...divide the amout of days by how many dogs you bring...examle...if you have 2 dogs and have a 20 day pass and it says you have 26 really only have 13 visits left.
If you are having problems with your login...double check with us that the user name and password are correct...if still not working after that please contact petexec...
ALL BOARDING must be scheduled in person or over the phone!!