Alpha Dogs Policies

The purpose of Alpha Dogs Daycare is to provide a safe, fun and stimulating social environment for dogs during weekday business hours. To ensure the safety and health of your pet and our other guests, we require everyone to comply with the following rules: 

Shots: up-to-date DHPP and Rabies vaccinations. Proof of vaccinations from a veterinarian is required.

Spay/ Neuter: This is really important. All dogs Must be fixed by 12 months of age.

Health: All dogs must be in good health. Owners will certify their pet has not been ill with a communicable disease within the last 30 days. Certain diseases such as diabetes or epilepsy, can be exacerbated in a daycare environment and can not be admitted.

Behavior: Dogs that attend daycare must be non-aggressive. This means no people, dog, food aggression. Please remember that your pet will be spending time with other pets and the safety and health of all our guests is our #1 concern!


1.All dogs MUST be on a leash at all times in the lobby.

2.24 hour advance reservations are required. Please use our website to go to the login page to Schedule your dog.

3.You must call before 8:30 am to cancel your reservation or you will lose the day.

4.We do not accept dogs into daycare after 10:30am.

5.Passes do expire! It is up to you to manage your pass.  We only extend passes for pet/ owner illness or injury - NOT vacations.

6. When paying in advance to earn a free day, the free day must be used within the provided expiration time frame. *You cannot earn a free day if your pass is expired*

7. Please DO NOT bring your dog to daycare if they are experiencing cough or severe diarrhea.


                                             Frequently Asked Questions                                

What is a typical day like for my dog?

We open at 6:45 am, as the dogs come in for the day they are let out into the room to play with their friends as they arrive.  They are allowed to climb on the toys, go outside to potty, lay outside in the sunshine, come inside, run around and play chase.  At 10:30 we begin getting ready for naptime, which is from 11 to 2pm. (we also do chores from 10:30 -12). After nap the dogs are all released from their nap spots and run around and play until 4:30 pm when they are again put up to rest and get ready to go home. We mingle with the dogs, pet them, talk and interact with them; they are encouraged to play with other dogs.  We use training words with them such as sit, down, back, quiet (for barking), good potty outside(when helping potty training puppies). 
As we get to know your dog we let you know when they seem unwell.

How many people are with the dogs?

Here at Alpha Dogs we always have one person out in the big dog room at all play times. With more dogs we have more staff, we believe in a safety ratio of 1:20. This is the guideline recommended by NADDA (North American Dog Day Care Association).
We also ask for 24 hour reservations as this allows us to make sure we have enough staff on hand for the dogs attending each day.
Will my dog get to rest?
We believe in a nap time for the dogs. This involves giving each dog a protected space to sleep and rest in after the busy mornings.  It also allows the senior dogs some peace and quiet away from the puppies and allows the puppies’ time to rest, as they are still growing.  We also provide rest periods for our young puppies. Many puppies tend to play to the point of exhaustion, becoming tired, cranky and inappropriate. We watch for signs of tiring and give them a rest time out. After a rest they are able to return to play refreshed and happier.
The dogs begin going into their spaces at 10:30 we call it “going up”.  Some of our senior d
ogs are put in a kennel space which has therapeutic cots (easier on senior joints)  the lights are shut off and music is played for them.  
What kind of flooring do you use?
Our floors have are 1/4 “rubber flooring reduces joint pain and prevents injury. It is also able to be cleaned and sanitized.
How are unwanted behaviors handled?
We use time outs to deter repeated unwanted behaviors, such as aggressive humping, bullying or just a too tired puppy.
No one is doing an Alpha roll on any dog attending here for any reason as practiced by some other daycares.  This is a very cruel method that does nothing but frighten a dog.  


Indoor/Outdoor areas?

Pottying is done outside so there is no confusion for puppies being house trained.  We have helped train many puppies.  We use the word “Potty” as this covers both wastes.  We do not punish accidents, as they do happen, but we do verbally reinforce “Good Potty Outside”!
No we don’t have grass here, as it isn’t easy to clean or sanitize, which we do on a daily basis.
Do you provide protection from heat?
Canopies are set up to provide shelter during rainy days.  In the summer we provide many canopies for shade and also set up a misting area that the dogs seem to enjoy! 
We also have cooling systems throughout our building.
Are dogs crated or put in kennels?
Crates are used for nap time and again in the evening as dogs are waiting to go home for the dogs that are more anxiety prone. We also do have kennels in our play area that we use for nap time and evening when they aren’t being used for boarding.  There are therapeutic cots in them that the dogs love; we even have some dogs that insist on going in a kennel for nap to get a chance to sleep on them.
Is water provided for the dogs?
YES! We have a large watering station for the dogs. We use stainless steel buckets that are refilled continually throughout the day.  After nap fresh, clean and sanitized buckets are set out. 

What is dog daycare? 

Dog daycare is a fun, supervised environment where your dog can exercise and interact with other dogs and our staff. The dogs are separated by size, temperament, and activity level. Play activity takes place in both out indoor and outdoor play areas. Nap time is from 12:00pm to 2:00pm. Daycare is primarily for dogs that are friendly with other dogs.

Why is this different than regular boarding kennels?

Typically a kennel doesn't offer a cage free environment. Dog are kept in runs or cages and usually do not interact with other dogs. You pet also receives our undivided attention in daycare

Can my dog come to dog daycare?

Great question! Not all dogs are comfortable in the daycare environment. If your dog doesn't like other dogs, he probably won't like the daycare. Part of our enrollment process is to see if this is the right environment for your pet. We want your dog to be happy, and we will always be honest with you if we think they won't be happy here.

Why does my dog have to be spayed or neutered?

In a setting like this where dogs are encouraged to play with other dogs, intact dogs are at greater risk. Female dogs in heat are picked on by other dogs and male dogs tend to be looked at as threats to both male and female dogs, increasing the possibility of fighting. We're also not into dating