Special Features:
- Our facility is clean and odor free!
-We have OUTDOOR space!

- Indoor 1/4" rubber padded floor is tightly sealed 
- Supervised play areas, someone is in the rooms with the dogs
- Little dog play area for dogs up to 35lbs
- Big dog play area for dogs 40lbs and up
- Dogs are also designated based on assessed temperament and activity level 

Outdoor Details:
-There are separate outdoor play areas for big and small dogs and we encourage dogs to go potty outside like they would at home.  
-Our outdoor areas are asphalt which allows for sanitation and dogs cannot dig out or escape. 
-Our fence is 8ft high with privacy slats that keeps the dogs from climbing or jumping out. 
-We have very nice canopies in the outdoor areas for shade so the dogs can lounge or play in the sun or shade. 

Our Qualifications 

- Over 60 years combined experience working with dogs in obedience, conformation, and behavior.

- Member of North American Dog Daycare Association.

- Veterinarian Recommended (by several local vets!)

- Attended many behavior seminars. 


           Alpha Dogs LLC , a Dog Daycare is located in beautiful downtown Spokane, WA at 130 S Sherman St. Family owned and operated. We pride ourselves on having a well staffed facility. Our staff are well trained true dog lovers at heart. Alpha Dogs is an excellent place for your dogs to exercise and socialize with other dogs in a safe, fun environment while receiving individualized attention from our caring staff. 

Our clients will enjoy many stimulating activities available with over 5000 sq ft of indoor and outdoor play areas. The indoor play areas feature 1/4" rubber padding floor which helps reduce joint pain and diminishes the possibility of injury, toys to play in and on, as well as a plethora of friends to hang with! Your pet will have plenty of reasons to love it here!

Dog daycare has amazing benefits for both you and your pet. It reduces stress, anxiety, boredom, lethargy, and obesity while promoting better behavior, and rest both here and at home. The benefits to the owner are peace of mind that your pet is happy and safe while you are busy or away from home, you're not coming home to an anxious pet or destruction of your furniture and best of all - a tired, happy companion at the end of the day!